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frequently asked:


will it hurt?

numbing cream, ice and other special devices are used to help alleviate any possible brief discomforts. advanced cannula techniques can also be used to decrease discomfort and bruising.

botox vs dysport- what’s the difference?

botox and dysport are two VERY similar products that are only different in their molecular makeup. dysport is known to kick in SOONER than botox, however they both last the same amount of time.

will I look like I had work done?

working closely with your injector is key to help you achieve your beauty goals while maintaining your unique and original features. a skilled injector will NOT make you look like some of the famous celebrities who have gone too far. as a conservative injector, I want your goal to be my goal in the safest and most natural way.

when should I start getting injections?

as soon as you see something you want to fix!

injections are used to prevent future wrinkles from forming and soften the ones we already have. a good way to know when you’re ready is when your makeup starts getting stuck in a wrinkle.

is there maintenance after I get my injections?

after the right dose of botox/dysport, our body’s natural muscle memory kicks in and the muscles remember they don’t have to do as much work as before. this means when our botox or dysport wears off, we usually need less when we come back in for touch-ups!

when filler is injected, the product pushes out deep lines making them appear less harsh. filler will dissolve slowly over 6 months to a year, so if you enjoy the result, it is recommended to “top off” or touch up every 6 months so that you don’t lose all of the product.

what happens when I stop getting injections?

when product starts to dissolve, the natural aging process takes off right where it was halted. there will be no permanent changes in the structure of the face.

what happens if I don’t like it?


no, but really-

the good and bad news is that anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler are temporary. injectables will either wear off on their own, or can be always be dissolved with a special injection.

what are your payment options?

we accept credit, cash and venmo.

do you accept Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire?

we sure do!